Monday, May 31, 2010

Training Resumes for Suzanne

On Sunday, I successfully ran 3 miles on a grass field with no pain whatsoever.
Everyday I continue to ice and stretch. This week I will resume training and see how things go. I’ll be honest that I’m nervous and trying to be optimistic. Please, please let me be able to continue marathon training!

I ran a little today on my regular running paths (concrete) and it was really different. While I was running I kept thinking about my hip and looking for any signs of pain or discomfort – almost like I was expecting the pain to reoccur. It was really odd and made for an uncomfortable run. When I was done my hip was OK. I did not have any pain while running and just a tinge of soreness afterwards - very similar to what I had previously during training.

Week 9 Training: 4-7-4-16

This week I plan to cross train on the elliptical for one of my runs so I don’t overdo it but can continue to get my cardio in and train. Wish me luck and I’ll keep everyone updated on my progress.

SF Marathon Here I Come,

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