Monday, October 18, 2010

Suzanne’s Finish Line Photo and What’s Next…..

My finish line photo just arrived and I promised to post on our blog. As I mentioned in my race recap I was excited to finally get a good “running” race photo because I was bummed about my photos for the SF Half Marathon. There was a great one of Judy and me before we started running but no good photos of me actually running - that’s the point of getting a photo to show you ran the race, right? This photo makes me smile because I clearly remember being so psyched that I finished and set a new PR! It was a very proud moment in my short running career.

So what have I been up to since the race? Well, I haven’t run in 2 weeks (on purpose) as I went on a self-imposed running ban. That does not mean I haven’t worked out. Recently, I’ve joined a gym and started working on strengthening my core. I’m the type that loves cardio but HATES (that might not be a strong enough word for it) weights. Never had any interest in it, never could keep it up and never wanted to (who’s with me?).

So I’m working with a trainer who is going to kick my butt into shape. Going to give it a try for 6 weeks and see what kind of results I can achieve and will keep you posted. I’m curious to see what changes I might see and how I feel. Where does running fit in? My plan is to incorporate running into my workout routine and try to keep a base of 6-8 miles (for long runs).

During the two weeks I haven’t run there is one thing I’ve learned….I really really miss it! It kind of surprised me as I thought I was tired of having to train and a schedule to stick to which I’ve been doing since we started the blog in March. This past weekend I was reading up on the running blogs we follow and I was so inspired and encouraged by what everyone was accomplishing. The fact is running has become a great outlet for me and something I look forward to (not every time I’ll admit but for the most part anyways).

A training schedule keeps me motivated and exercising. Yes, it’s stressful to fit it all into my busy life but every time I somehow found a way....and that’s a good thing.

I’ve already started researching races and there’s not a lot coming up the next few months that is nearby or fits into my schedule. However, I’m definitely looking into scheduling some 5k, 10k and half marathon races for 2011. My goal will be to do two (possibly 3 but I’m not certain) half marathon races in 2011, with 5k and 10k races included as part of the training schedule.

That’s it for now!

Happy Running,


Monday, October 4, 2010

Suzanne’s Race Recap: Urban Cow Half Marathon

Two words sum up my Urban Cow Half Marathon: Totally Pumped! Yesterday, I successfully finished my second half marathon since the end of July and improved my PR by nearly 16 minutes (15:57 to be exact)! Woo hoo!

A special thanks again to my big sister Judy who (again) ran the half marathon with me. I’m so so lucky to have your support and encouragement. You are an amazing person, an inspiration and awesome runner! And, as always, you make the race fun and enjoyable, and you kicked butt (you go girl)! Thanks also to Bill for being our cheerleader and driver!

So, here’s a race recap:

  • Judy and I jumped out to a pretty fast pace – fast pace for me people – and we kept that up for about 3-4 miles.

  • The first part of the race was very pretty as we ran through a park with lots of trees and greenery.

  • Have to admit I did not feel well during miles 4-6 and yes it probably had to do with the fast pace we embarked on. After drinking some Cytomax (love that stuff) I felt revitalized at mile 7 and ready to keep going.

  • Weather was good. At race time it was in the mid 60s and that was better than what it could have been. However I will agree with Judy that SF is a much better climate to run in. It got a little humid as the race progressed.

  • My knees started to hurt a little around mile 8 and that was a new pain for me. During the SF marathon my legs just felt extremely heavy – due to the hills no doubt – but never had knee pain.

  • Ran past our hotel and saw my girls and mother on their hotel balcony at miles 9 and 11. Definitely was motivating knowing that I’d see them soon!

  • My aunt Kathy, uncle Ray and cousin Tori saw me at mile 10 – sorry I didn’t hear you but thank you so much for coming to support me!

  • Loved a poster someone was holding up at mile 11 that read “If your feet feel tired it’s because you’re kicking so much ass!” It really made me smile and made my day!

  • Just as we hit the 12 mile mark and my legs felt tired a song came on my ipod that just made me feel good and I couldn’t wipe the grin off my face….wait for it…it was MC Hammer’s “Can’t Touch This!” I honestly felt no pain while that song was playing and just wanted to dance. Go ahead and laugh at me because I don’t care - go Hammer! And yes probably from that comment you know approximately when I was in high school – ha!

  • Legs definitely felt tired but they never felt heavy like my last half marathon. I took this as a sign that I’m improving. Don’t get me wrong I was tired but I definitely felt better when compared to how I felt in SF.

  • The finish line seemed SO FAR AWAY. At least I could see the finish line at the SF half marathon but this one was hidden around a corner and I could feel everyone’s pain around me that it felt like we were never going to reach it.

  • Proud of myself that I did manage to sprint the last 100 yards! Funny how I could barely muster the energy to keep running that last 1-2 miles but once I saw that finish line I could manage to sprint. It felt GREAT to finish and amazing how you feel no more pain once you cross that line.

  • I LOVE my finish line photo (which I’ll post after I buy it) with my arms in the air! I had no good photos from the SF half marathon so I’m excited that there were a few that I actually liked from this race.

  • Today I feel good. Sure I’m a little sore but overall I feel great.
What’s next? Honestly, I’m not sure. I’m kind of torn between keeping this up as it would be a shame to waste the running shape I’m in and just trying something new. Right now I want to find my next race but I decided I'm going to give myself some time to think about it as I’ve been in training mode since February. Could it be possible that I'm officially addicted to half marathons? Didn't think that would happen. If I do decide to race again I think I may want to up my gee...I wonder what I'm going to decide?

What do you think? Any advice?

Happy Running,