Sunday, February 27, 2011

Suzanne: My 1st 30 mile Week!

This week I ran 30 miles, marking my first 30 mile week! Woo hoo! I've certainly been close to 30 miles since I've started training but never quite made it. Our long run was 13 miles this week (13.13 to be exact). It's important to note that I've never run 13 miles except for the three half marathons I've run in the past year.

Saturday's long run went fine. Not as great as my 12 mile run last week but I felt good. I was able to run the last 2 miles at a good clip. I'm very curious to see how I perform at the Shamrock Half Marathon because I normally feel pretty beat by mile 10-11...but the last few long runs I have felt strong and not the usual energy dip at the end. I'm also not sore afterwards either which I'm taking as a sign that my body is adapting and getting used to the running. Obviously the increased mileage, longer runs and speed training has definitely worked.

I was proud that I was able to get all my mileage in this past week as I was travelling for the majority of the week. It meant me getting up early and running on the treadmill. So that makes my 30 mile week even more special that I was able to achieve it.

This also marked my fourth straight week of having a double-digit long run - another first for me.

Two weeks until the Shamrock Half Marathon!

Here is the workout plan this week:
Monday: 5 miles
Tuesday: 6 miles - speed training
Wednesday: trainer
Thursday: 5 miles
Friday: rest day
Saturday: 9 miles (no double-digit run for the first time in 5 weeks)
Sunday: cross-train (hot yoga)

Happy Running,

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Suzanne: Three Weeks Until Shamrock Half Marathon

Three weeks from today is the Shamrock Half Marathon!

On Saturday, our long run was 12 miles. I was not looking forward to this run as I had a lousy 10 mile run last week. Took all the necessary precautions...carbo loaded Friday night and did eat a wheat bagel for breakfast (I ususally don't eat before most long runs...I know...not that smart). It ended up being my best long run to date.

Not only did I run 12.25 miles in record time - I would have set a new PR had I continued on that pace for 13.1 - but I successfully ran (and somehow enjoyed) running the hills on our route and ran the entire time. Hill training is obviously paying off. In addition, the rain held off until after our run was complete...whew!

So I felt great after that run - mentally and physically - and was on what I think you'd call a "runner's high." I just felt good throughout the entire run and while I kept waiting for my energy to drop it never did. It felt like I got stronger as the run went on. I only wish that I can experience this kind of run during a race! That would be cruel if my best long run is on a training run.

This week will be a challenge to get all my training in as I'm travelling for the majority of the week on business. So it will be me and the dreaded treadmill...let's hope the treadmill and I can get along.

This week's training is:
Monday: 5 miles
Tuesday: cross-train
Wednesday: 5 miles
Thursday: speed training (4-6 miles)
Friday: cross-train
Saturday: 13 miles
Sunday: hot yoga

This is also marks the first time I've done three double-digit mile runs in a row. This week's 13 will mark my 4th in a row. Next week we taper to 9 miles before 13.1 on raceday March 13th.

Happy Running,

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Suzanne: Running Sometimes Sucks

Well that kinds of sums up my week. Yes, running sometimes sucks. Sometimes runs do not go as planned. Some days you feel like you can keep running forever and then the very next day you can barely run a mile...or in my case two.

Last week was fine until our long run on Saturday. We were scheduled to run 10 but ended up running 10.85 miles. So that kinda sucked (that it was longer than it needed to be) and the run did not go well. Thank goodness I had Morgan running with me or I would have been really tempted to just quit and call it a day. But the good news is that we finished...but we walked once we hit 10 miles because I refused to run any further than absolutely necessary that day!

Honestly we should have probably cut ourselves some slack as we did run a half marathon the weekend before. This marked the first time that I have continued to run and train after completing a half marathon! The Shamrock half is in 4 weeks from this Sunday. So that probably added to my bad run. It also was my outlook...I kept telling myself that 10 miles should be nothing as we just did 13.1 last Sunday.

Yeah, the funny thing about running is no matter how much mileage you run...never take any run - no matter how little you may need to run - for granted. When you start thinking 5 miles is nothing is when you're about to have the longest 5 mile run of your life. That leads me to my horrible run on Monday.

As you know, the treadmill and I have not been getting along lately. Well, the treadmill kicked my ass on Monday. The plan was to run 5 miles. I allowed myself to walk the first .25 miles to warm up. Then I started to run. Started off normal...not feeling great as the first mile is never usually fun for me. But then I get to 1.25 miles and I think "okay...let's go." I swear I felt like I ran for 2 miles more...I look down at the treadmill and it says 1.75 miles...I swear! I ran for .25 more and just stopped at 2 miles. There was no way that 5 miles was not going to happen and I figured why fight it.

But, the good news is that I redeemed myself today. Ran with Judy and Morgan and we did 6.35 miles, including 4x hill intervals. I felt great and I'm back on track. The bad part is it's supposed to keep raining so I may have to get on a treadmill again....let's hope not!

Here's my training schedule this week:
Monday: 2 miles (not the plan)
Tuesday: 6.35 miles (speed training with 4x hill intervals)
Wednesday: 3-4 miles
Thursday: 5 miles
Friday: workout with trainer
Saturday: 12 miles (long run)
Sunday: hot yoga (90 minutes)

And, I finally went back to hot yoga last Sunday. It was good and I feel great afterwards. Will continue to do that on Sundays after my long runs. Eventually, I'd like to try to do it 2x a week.

Hope everyone is having a better training week than me!

Happy Running,

PS - here are some more photos from the Davis Stampede half marathon:

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Suzanne's Race Recap: Davis Stampede Half Marathon

The course was not as flat as I thought, it was hot and windy, and I was just happy to finish. That about wraps up my Davis Stampede Half Marathon today.

This race was supposed to be a nice flat run and a good warm-up for the Shamrock half on March 13th - which is what I'm training for. And I suppose the one good thing is that we're now ahead in our training. The long run this week was supposed to be 9 (the same as last week).

It started out chilly this morning, but it heated up fast. It was in the low 70s but the sun felt intense. The flat course was not all that had a lot of tunnels and overpasses that went down and the inevitably up. The overpass was like a triangle...going straight up and then down. Definitely was not expecting the inclines but managed to run all of them.

Glad I brought my own water bottle as they ran out of cups at many of the water stations. At one they were saying "used water cups" - ahh, no thank you! I just would refill my water bottle directly from the water jugs. Overall, wasn't impressed with how the race was run by organizers because at registration the day before I had to stand in line - with my 4 year old - for an hour.

Definitely was able to get through the run with the help and encouragement of Judy and Morgan - my running buddies and support group! Morgan and I definitely tried to keep talking about anything to get us through the last 3 miles...which seemed to take forever and yes I complained a lot.

I love the photo when we're both smiling because we are so excited to be so close to the finish line and saw our Dads! And I'm proud of how we were able to pick up the pace to the finish line.

Overall, I'm feeling good tonight - definitely not as sore as my previous two halfs at all. I'm proud that I finished as it was a mentally tough run and am curious how this will help and/or prepare me for my next half marathon in 5 weeks. This will also be the first time that I continue to train after completing a half marathon as I took breaks from running after my other two.

Planning to take tomorrow off as a rest day and here's my training for the rest of the week:
Monday: Rest
Tuesday: Cross-train
Wednesday: 4.5 miles
Thursday: Speed training (4-6 miles)
Friday: 4.5 miles
Saturday: 10 miles
Sunday: hot yoga

Happy Running,

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Suzanne: Davis Stampede 1/2 Marathon is Sunday!

The Davis Stampede Half Marathon is this Sunday...yes Superbowl Sunday! At least I can eat my pizza and breadsticks guilt free after running a half marathon that morning. That is why everyone runs right? To eat...well that's why I workout anyways.

I'm excited for the run and looking forward to doing it with my running buddies Morgan and Judy. Our long run was 9 miles last week (this is for the training for the Shamrock half marathon in March) but I'm not as worried as my longest run before my last two halfs were 9 (when I was injured during training for SF race) and 10 (for my last one in October). This half is basically a tune-up for the Shamrock and I couldn't pass it up since it's so close (and a flat course!).

Training has been on schedule and going well. Oh, I finally tried hot yoga on Sunday - the day after my long run. It was no joke. It actually felt really good afterwards and it's definitely a challenge to endure the heat and hold those poses. There was another newbie there in my class and she nearly passed out so I felt good that I made it through the class. Definitely will continue to try to incorporate it as I think it will be great balance to the wear and tear running does to the body.

Here was the training this week:
Sunday: cross-train (hot yoga)
Monday: 4 miles
Tuesday: cross-train (core) and speed training (4.2 miles total - 3x800s)
Wednesday: rest
Thursday: 4 miles
Friday: cross-train
Saturday: rest
Sunday: 13.1 miles baby!

Will definitely post pics and a recap! And, my shoes are comfy and great to run in.

Happy Running,