Sunday, February 20, 2011

Suzanne: Three Weeks Until Shamrock Half Marathon

Three weeks from today is the Shamrock Half Marathon!

On Saturday, our long run was 12 miles. I was not looking forward to this run as I had a lousy 10 mile run last week. Took all the necessary precautions...carbo loaded Friday night and did eat a wheat bagel for breakfast (I ususally don't eat before most long runs...I know...not that smart). It ended up being my best long run to date.

Not only did I run 12.25 miles in record time - I would have set a new PR had I continued on that pace for 13.1 - but I successfully ran (and somehow enjoyed) running the hills on our route and ran the entire time. Hill training is obviously paying off. In addition, the rain held off until after our run was complete...whew!

So I felt great after that run - mentally and physically - and was on what I think you'd call a "runner's high." I just felt good throughout the entire run and while I kept waiting for my energy to drop it never did. It felt like I got stronger as the run went on. I only wish that I can experience this kind of run during a race! That would be cruel if my best long run is on a training run.

This week will be a challenge to get all my training in as I'm travelling for the majority of the week on business. So it will be me and the dreaded treadmill...let's hope the treadmill and I can get along.

This week's training is:
Monday: 5 miles
Tuesday: cross-train
Wednesday: 5 miles
Thursday: speed training (4-6 miles)
Friday: cross-train
Saturday: 13 miles
Sunday: hot yoga

This is also marks the first time I've done three double-digit mile runs in a row. This week's 13 will mark my 4th in a row. Next week we taper to 9 miles before 13.1 on raceday March 13th.

Happy Running,


  1. Awesome run! Congrats! Good luck in the Half! :0)

  2. Well I'm just now getting caught up on blogs from while I was gone ..... and now I see you are 4 days. 10 hours. 36 minutes and 18 seconds away!

    It sure got here fast, didn't it??

  3. @FF - I know! When I started training in January it felt like a long ways off and now it's almost here...time flies! Congrats on completing your half at Disney...loved the pics!


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