Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Suzanne: Running Sometimes Sucks

Well that kinds of sums up my week. Yes, running sometimes sucks. Sometimes runs do not go as planned. Some days you feel like you can keep running forever and then the very next day you can barely run a mile...or in my case two.

Last week was fine until our long run on Saturday. We were scheduled to run 10 but ended up running 10.85 miles. So that kinda sucked (that it was longer than it needed to be) and the run did not go well. Thank goodness I had Morgan running with me or I would have been really tempted to just quit and call it a day. But the good news is that we finished...but we walked once we hit 10 miles because I refused to run any further than absolutely necessary that day!

Honestly we should have probably cut ourselves some slack as we did run a half marathon the weekend before. This marked the first time that I have continued to run and train after completing a half marathon! The Shamrock half is in 4 weeks from this Sunday. So that probably added to my bad run. It also was my outlook...I kept telling myself that 10 miles should be nothing as we just did 13.1 last Sunday.

Yeah, the funny thing about running is no matter how much mileage you run...never take any run - no matter how little you may need to run - for granted. When you start thinking 5 miles is nothing is when you're about to have the longest 5 mile run of your life. That leads me to my horrible run on Monday.

As you know, the treadmill and I have not been getting along lately. Well, the treadmill kicked my ass on Monday. The plan was to run 5 miles. I allowed myself to walk the first .25 miles to warm up. Then I started to run. Started off normal...not feeling great as the first mile is never usually fun for me. But then I get to 1.25 miles and I think "okay...let's go." I swear I felt like I ran for 2 miles more...I look down at the treadmill and it says 1.75 miles...I swear! I ran for .25 more and just stopped at 2 miles. There was no way that 5 miles was not going to happen and I figured why fight it.

But, the good news is that I redeemed myself today. Ran with Judy and Morgan and we did 6.35 miles, including 4x hill intervals. I felt great and I'm back on track. The bad part is it's supposed to keep raining so I may have to get on a treadmill again....let's hope not!

Here's my training schedule this week:
Monday: 2 miles (not the plan)
Tuesday: 6.35 miles (speed training with 4x hill intervals)
Wednesday: 3-4 miles
Thursday: 5 miles
Friday: workout with trainer
Saturday: 12 miles (long run)
Sunday: hot yoga (90 minutes)

And, I finally went back to hot yoga last Sunday. It was good and I feel great afterwards. Will continue to do that on Sundays after my long runs. Eventually, I'd like to try to do it 2x a week.

Hope everyone is having a better training week than me!

Happy Running,

PS - here are some more photos from the Davis Stampede half marathon:

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  1. I feel like you just described how my running has been going! I feel so amazing after a great run, so I go out to do one that is shorter and expect it to be a breeze. Then I end up just miserable and feeling like my legs are stuck in cement!

    Great photos!!


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