Sunday, February 6, 2011

Suzanne's Race Recap: Davis Stampede Half Marathon

The course was not as flat as I thought, it was hot and windy, and I was just happy to finish. That about wraps up my Davis Stampede Half Marathon today.

This race was supposed to be a nice flat run and a good warm-up for the Shamrock half on March 13th - which is what I'm training for. And I suppose the one good thing is that we're now ahead in our training. The long run this week was supposed to be 9 (the same as last week).

It started out chilly this morning, but it heated up fast. It was in the low 70s but the sun felt intense. The flat course was not all that had a lot of tunnels and overpasses that went down and the inevitably up. The overpass was like a triangle...going straight up and then down. Definitely was not expecting the inclines but managed to run all of them.

Glad I brought my own water bottle as they ran out of cups at many of the water stations. At one they were saying "used water cups" - ahh, no thank you! I just would refill my water bottle directly from the water jugs. Overall, wasn't impressed with how the race was run by organizers because at registration the day before I had to stand in line - with my 4 year old - for an hour.

Definitely was able to get through the run with the help and encouragement of Judy and Morgan - my running buddies and support group! Morgan and I definitely tried to keep talking about anything to get us through the last 3 miles...which seemed to take forever and yes I complained a lot.

I love the photo when we're both smiling because we are so excited to be so close to the finish line and saw our Dads! And I'm proud of how we were able to pick up the pace to the finish line.

Overall, I'm feeling good tonight - definitely not as sore as my previous two halfs at all. I'm proud that I finished as it was a mentally tough run and am curious how this will help and/or prepare me for my next half marathon in 5 weeks. This will also be the first time that I continue to train after completing a half marathon as I took breaks from running after my other two.

Planning to take tomorrow off as a rest day and here's my training for the rest of the week:
Monday: Rest
Tuesday: Cross-train
Wednesday: 4.5 miles
Thursday: Speed training (4-6 miles)
Friday: 4.5 miles
Saturday: 10 miles
Sunday: hot yoga

Happy Running,


  1. Yay! Congrats on getting a medal for your "training" run! ;)

    Now you have me pondering whether or not I should bring my water bottle to my 2nd half marathon. It is the first ever marathon in this city, and they haven't indicated where water stops would be on their map. So that has me concerned. I would not want to go 13.1 miles with no agua to satisfy my mouth!!

  2. Looks like awesome weather, the sunshine must have been coming from your face!


  3. Thanks Andrew! @FF - yes, this was the first time I've encountered a race where they ran out of anything so I guess it's always better to be prepared. There was no way I was going to drink out of a "used" cup...although if I were thirsty enough I suppose I would have?! Good luck!

  4. Way to go on your race! Ugh, the water issue was bad...glad you had your bottle. I usually carry my hand held, just in case!

  5. @TX Runner Mom - Thanks! Yes, I'm thankful I carry my hand held (always have) but felt bad for those that didn't. Guess always better to be prepared! Have a good week.


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