Sunday, May 9, 2010

10 Miles Baby, No More Pizza and Week 6 Training Begins

I can not believe that I ran 10 miles this week - double-digits baby! Got up early on Saturday morning for my run and I’ll admit I was a little nervous about how it would go and how I would feel. I was so nervous that I could only manage to eat 1 piece of wheat toast. Started off slow – I think because I was still half asleep – and was able to continually pick up the pace for the rest of the run. It felt great until the last 1.4 miles of the run. It seemed to take FOREVER but I was able to gut it out and finish the run strong, sprinting with what energy I had left for the last .5 miles or so.

My playlist for the run was my favorite songs from the 90s! I have to say some of the songs made me laugh and brought back good memories which made the run even more enjoyable.

It really amazed me that I was able to complete 10 miles. And I felt better once I got home and drank some Gatorade which my body seemed to need. Today I had some minor aches but nothing major. I’m going to need to start stretching more after runs and start icing a little bit as a preventative measure.

This week’s chapter focuses a lot on food and how to properly prepare your body. Of course what was on the top of list of foods that are poor sources of carbohydrates? One of my favorite foods of all-time…pizza! Oh how I love pizza.

While I am reluctant to admit it, I have noticed the impact of my food choices on my energy and running performance. This will be a huge sacrifice for me, but after this Wednesday – Wednesday is my daughter’s school birthday party and the pizza is already ordered – I’m going to swear off pizza until after the marathon. Guess what my post-marathon meal is going to be people?? Yes, you guessed it!

This week’s training is 4-5-4-11

Say goodbye to 3 miles short runs! Oh how I’ll miss you 3 miles! I remember when working up to 3 miles was hard and now I wish my runs were only 3 miles…oh how far I’ve come. Coming up fast is the half marathon race which is a week from Saturday. I’m excited and looking forward to it but need to focus on getting this week’s training completed first.

SF Marathon Here I Come,


  1. Wow, giving up pizza. I admire you! I wish I had the will power to do that. Maybe I will as I get closer to the Chicago marathon. Keep us posted on how it goes.

  2. Thanks Stephanie! I enjoyed my last few slices of pizza today and look forward to eating pizza again on July 25th. Will keep you posted on my progress.

  3. I still eat pizza as my night before the long run meal. It's usually homemade with lots of veggies and a whole wheat crust but it's still delish! Good luck with your training and your race!


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