Monday, May 3, 2010

Suzanne Training: Week 5

Week 4’s training went well. All runs felt great. Once I get about a mile into any run that I start it feels good…it’s just getting started that can prove difficult. I was also encouraged that I was able to do it even though I had to travel last week. It shows that we can all do this if we plan ahead and make it a priority.

This week’s training is 3-5-3-10

After this week we say goodbye to 3 mile runs as the short runs will turn into 4 mile runs. Of course just when 3 mile runs were getting easy.

And this marks the first double-digit long run – 10 miles! Whew. It’s hard to believe that each week I’m able to actually complete the long runs. But the training must be working as I have been able to do it each time. After my race on Saturday though, I’m looking forward to my long run this week. Never thought I'd say that!

SF Marathon Here I Come,

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