Saturday, May 15, 2010

I Have A Confession . . .

. . . but before we get to that, we need to give Suzanne a minute. Because somewhere in Northern California, she just fell off her chair realizing that I wrote a blog post two days in a row.

Okay so the confession . . .

Britney Spears is my power song.

There I said it. Now he may not have fallen off his chair, but somewhere in suburban Chicago, my husband rolled his eyes, swore, or both.

You see, my progressive metal-loving husband can't stand Top 40, Showtunes, Pop, Alternative, Country, Hip Hop, you name it . . .anything that pretty much isn't metal or progressive metal. (Okay he does like some rock classics.) He is not a fan of my musical taste, but maybe that's because my musical taste is pretty much all over the map. I call it open-minded, he'd call it . . .musically un-educated.

Our iTunes library appears to have a multiple personality disorder because for every Metallica and Metal Church, there's a Shania Twain tune. Or for every King's X and Flotsam Jetsam, there's Gwen Stefani and something from the Glee soundtrack. Now I do like a lot of his music. Rush, Dream Theater, Queensryche, and yes, even some Metallica and Anthrax have found a home on my running playlist. (After twenty-plus years together, it had to rub off on me :) )

But I read Suzanne's post about running to Britney, I tried it out, and while I'm glad I wasn't her mother during the head-shaving-bashing-the-car-with-an-umbrella stage, I'll tell ya, Miss B got me through a couple of tough miles.

I've been making quite a few iTunes purchases lately, adding new songs to my running playlist for motivation. (See, I told you I'm ready to play Marathon again!) Some songs are just because I happened upon them, some are Suzanne's recommendations and I found a list on the Run Like A Mother book blog that are pretty awesome** (Allister covering The Backstreet Boys anyone?)

New additions on my running playlist . . .maybe you'll add them too?

Teagan and Sara
I have a few T&S songs on my Nano, but I've found this one is good for the "middle miles"

Whitesnake. Why? Because I went to high school in the '80s, that's why.

Jack McManus. This song popped up on Pandora while I was at work. Haven't run to it yet, but it makes me smile so it's on the playlist.

Lastly, Paramore's Brick by Boring Brick. I defy you to run to this song and not ba da ba ba da ba ba daalong with the band at the end.

Happy Running!


*I know once my husband reads this post he will proceed to point out several examples to illustrate that he is not a musical snob. Then I will remind him of the the time we were at Appletree Records as college students in DeKalb and he threw - - yes, threw -- an album (I know, we're old) back in the bin when the review called it "radio-bound."

**The Run Like a Mother book is pretty awesome too. Suzanne and I are both reading it as we train.


  1. I told you Britney does wonder while running! Has Mike gotten over the shock of this post? :-) I'll do a blog soon of my faves.

  2. Oh man I so agree. My itunes library looks like I have a personality disorder. I have multiple running playlists based on whether I want to feel gangsta or hardcore or sexy..... it's fun :D. I definitely have some britney in mine :D

  3. First of all it said "Radio Bound and Arena Ready." Yes, I remember exactly, it was very traumatic. Second, this was Tony MAcAlpine one of the best classically influenced guitar shredders of the 80s and he was radio bound. In other words, lame! It took me 20 years to try something new by him. Luckily, he decided to do some other cool stuff.


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