Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Britney Spears and I…..

Ran 4 miles together today! My Britney playlist was on my ipod while I ran and she definitely helped me get through it. She may be a “hot mess” – a favorite phrase of Crissha, my college roommate – but the girl makes great workout music that keeps you going! Don't you think so?! I think Mike’s eyes (Jenn’s husband) may be rolling right now…we have some differences in our music preferences...let's just say his music taste is much more sophisticated than mine. So thank you Britney for helping me out today!

This week I’ve ran 3 and 4 miles, so I just have 3 and 5 miles left for week 16 training. I have found out that I now enjoy running outside more than the treadmill. This is new for me because I used to prefer running on the treadmill. Running 3 miles on Monday at lunch on the treadmill was torture as I’ve been running outside a lot lately. My imagination is much more creative while running outside with the scenery changing as I go.

I also used my new running belt today – by Amphipod – which was really comfy. That along with my black Nike visor are my latest running accessories.

SF Marathon Here I Come,

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  1. I don't know if I'd call my taste sophisticated, but it's better than yours. :)

    hey, whatever keeps you moving! That's all that matters.


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