Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Totally Redeemed Myself

So I admit I was a little down after my lovely 6 mile run on Sunday. I did not like feeling like a failure – for those that know me I’m pretty competitive and I don’t like to lose/fail…at anything.

I took the day off from running on Monday to try to forget about it but it still really bothered me. Well I’m happy to report that today I ran my 3 miles and I TOTALLY REDEEMED MYSELF! Boy did I feel good and recorded my fasted 3 miler to date! Woo hoo! I was determined to have a good run and I felt strong and confident, and really enjoyed the entire run. Even had a good 400m sprint at the end. I enjoyed hearing Tiger Woods tell me “Congratulations. You ran your fastest mile to date!”

Looking back I really should have ran on Monday to get it over with and it would have stopped me from dwelling even more on my bad run. I’ll try to remember that going forward. What I’ve learned is that there will be times I’m not going to feel great but the important part is finishing what I start. Yes, I had a bad 6 mile run, but I finished it and that’s what I should focus on. It doesn’t mean I can’t run the marathon.

And a special thank you to my “big sister” Judy for your encouraging words on Monday. Appreciate it as always!

I’m also going to start posting songs that really help me on each run. Today, it was Kanye West’s “Stronger.”

Happy running!

SF Marathon Here I Come,

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