Sunday, April 18, 2010

Six miles sucked!

Week two of marathon training completed. Ran 6 miles today and it was not a fun run – the title of today’s blog pretty much sums it up. I battled with myself after mile 2, so it made for a long 4 more miles! I meant to run on Saturday but never got around to it so there was 2 days in between runs. Not sure if that contributed to my “sluggishness” or not?

I was very good earlier in the week and got my runs in on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. All of those felt good and I had no problems. No shin pain either so I’m hopeful that was a 1x thing.

Looking forward to training this week so I can get the bad 6 mile run behind me.

Week 3 training is 3-4-3-7

Week 4 will be interesting as I’m travelling for work half of that week and I have my first 10k race that Saturday. And in week 4, we say goodbye to 4 mile runs in the middle of the week and say hello to 5 miles. Week 4 training is 3-5-3-8.

I’ve also joined a women’s basketball league so cross-training will be added to my overall training. It should be interesting considering I haven’t played even a pick up game in awhile but looking forward to it. The games will be played on Sundays so I’ll be sure to get my long runs in on Saturdays from now on.

Happy running!

SF Marathon Here I Come,

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