Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter, Official Marathon Training Begins and We Got Our CEO Lost!

It’s official. My 16 week training starts tomorrow!

Week 16 Training: 3-4-3-5

Last week wasn’t a great training week overall, but I did end the week strong with 2 really good runs. Luckily I squeezed my run in this morning before the rain started to really come down. What is with this California weather? It’s warmer in Chicago right now! But I read Chicago is dropping back into the 50s by the end of the week while we’ll be back up in the 70s, so things will be back to normal.

Jenn – I really enjoyed your new story on the treadmill. It really had me laughing and remembering your other equally enjoyable stories. Ha! My favorite all-time Jenn story though has to be the bowling one. Although the New York story is good as well - thank God for the Ann Taylor store!

One of my most embarrassing work stories actually includes Jenn. We were together at a trade show and were asked to drive our CEO back to his hotel with his wife. Should be easy enough right? For starters, Jenn and I had a very small, compact rental car – not exactly what our CEO was accustomed to. And secondly, I’m one of the most directionally challenged people you will ever find (just ask my husband).

As we began our journey, Jenn was driving and I was riding shotgun. I don’t even know if we had directions or what – this was before the days of Mapquest – but we started driving and thought we were on our way. We were staying at a Hilton and we saw one on the horizon and thought great we found our hotel….WRONG…it was a different Hilton.

Jenn and I never had to say a word once we figured out we had NO CLUE where we were. We somehow managed to keep up a pleasant conversation with our guests, although I wonder what they were thinking. I do remember vividly how she drove to the nearest gas station and I darted out before she even stopped the car to ask where we were and get directions as to where we needed to go. In the end, our CEO never made it to the hotel. He had to go back to the trade show for some more meetings. After some brainstorming we decided to send the CEO flowers apologizing for our mix-up, which he and his wife appreciated. It turned out that we weren’t the only ones that got lost with him during that trip, but we were the only ones that sent flowers!

SF Marathon Here I Come,

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