Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Heartbreaking Basketball Loss

Attended the Stanford vs. Xavier final of the NCAA Women’s Basketball Sacramento Regional last night and the game came down to the very last second. I felt just awful for Xavier as they deserved to win but unfortunately couldn’t pull it off. One of their players missed two wide open lay-ups – wide open like all by herself under the basket wide open – that left the game tied. Stanford got the ball back with 4.0 seconds left and the guard drove the entire length of the court to make a lay-up with time expiring as the ball left her hand. Unbelievable! Everyone was stunned in the stadium but my heart ached for Xavier – and I’m a Stanford fan – and especially for the girl who missed the two shots. She was a senior and that’s a tragic way to end your season and career.

That had nothing to do my marathon training but had to share the story. OK, back to my training…..

It’s officially 17 weeks until the marathon! Last week I was good and ran 5 xs, the most since I’ve started training. It’s feeling good but I still wonder how I’m going to be able to increase my mileage to my long runs for the next 17 weeks? We will see.

I also found a half marathon at the end of May that will coincide nicely with my training program. That week I’m supposed to run 14 miles, so it’s perfect that it works out.

This is my last week of running whatever I want before the 16 week training program starts. I’m going to just enjoy this last week of running without a certain mile/time to go after. And next week the “official” training begins.

SF Marathon Here I Come,

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