Sunday, March 14, 2010

A Few of My Favorite Things

It's training season and with apologies to Julie Andrews, here are a few of my favorite running-related things:

I bought this on a whim at an Expo last year (maybe for the Chicago Half?) and it worked great. Kept my phone, shot blocks, IDs and cash in one place and wasn't bulky or bouncy when I ran.

Ace Ice Packs
My knees and plantar fasciitis-prone feet love these. Very portable, great to store in my bag and use immediately after races. The link is to an online store but I usually buy them for $1 in the travel section at Target.

Balega Running Socks
Running for three years and only one blister (11 miler in the teeming rain) thanks to these socks. Not cheap, but worth it in my opinion. Unfortunately, my dogs like these socks too . . .I've caught them more than once playing tug of war with these socks.

Yes, I'm one of those runners. I wear headphones when I run - - on the treadmill, outside and during races, yes during races. I need to zone out in order to get through the higher miles and blasting my iPod in my ears helps. My playlist changes quite a bit . . .usually I need some angry men a la Metallica or Queensryche screaming at me. Current favorites are Foo Fighters/Wheels, Jimmy Eat World/Let It Happen and anything by Paramore. A must for every time I run: Dream Theater's "Surrounded."

Runners, what are your favorite things?

(Apologies for the quirky piano instruction video, but only link that would work for me)


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