Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Suzanne: Week 1 of Half Marathon Training Program

On Saturday, I officially started my half marathon training program with my local Fleet Feet. At 6:30 am I started on my long run with the training group. It was cold - cold for a California girl that is - and dark but I successfully completed a 6 mile run. Felt good, had a great run with Judy and Morgan and then had the rest of my day in front of me. Definitely makes a difference to run with people as I always run faster. It was a good start and we'll see how the rest of the training goes and what difference it makes.

Here's the training program for this week:
Monday: 3 miles (completed)
Tuesday: cross-train (completed)
Wednesday: 3 miles
Thursday: speed workout
Friday: rest
Saturday: 7 miles
Sunday: cross-train

Every Thursday will be the speed workout in the evenings. Curious to see how these go but evidently we're doing 4-6 miles of speed work - that should be interesting.

Also, I think my days of running on the treadmill are numbered. I used to LOVE running on the treadmill and actually preferred it to running outside. However, since I've been training I now prefer running outside. My last few treadmill runs have been HORRIBLE! They seemed to last forever and I just wanted to stop. Just dreadful!

This training is preparing me for the Shamrock half marathon on March 13th with our longest run being 13 miles - more than I've trained for in the past. However, I'm also scheduled to do a half marathon on February 6th - my training will be up to 10 miles prior to that race (what I normally trained up to for my past 2 half marathons).

That's it for now!

Happy Running,


  1. Hey! Fun! My first half marathon is 2 weeks before your Shamrock, BUT my first 15K is.... the Shamrock 15K on March 13th! So we are almost like training buddies. Woohoo!

  2. How cool a 15k - I haven't seen any of those near me yet. We're both going to be a great running shape by March. Woo hoo is right!

  3. Sorry about the treadmill....I used to not mind it either but I much rather running outside now! Good luck on the Halfs! :0)

  4. @Karen - thanks! I finally had a good treadmill run this week....I guess I was due for a good one.


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