Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Suzanne is Cranky But Has a New Pair of Running Shoes!

I will admit I'm cranky. Why? Well probably because I don't get enough sleep (what mom does?) but it's primarily because I didn't get my 4-mile run in today. Yes, it's come to that. I used to be the girl that didn't really worry about my missed workouts but now it makes me cranky and irritated! Not sure if that's a good or bad thing? Thoughts?

Good news though..I did buy a new pair of shoes. And I found pink ones or actually ones that have pink in it...aren't they pretty? Bad news is that I haven't run in them yet. Today was supposed to be my first day, so until tomorrow....

Training went well last week! Successfully got all my miles in and I'm really starting to enjoy speed training. It's just nice having a different kind of running to do and I'm really liking it. Our long run last week was 8 running buddies Judy and Morgan make the time go by!

Oh and I finally had a great treadmill run - I was definitely overdue for that. It was last Wednesday night when I needed to get my run in. Started running on the treadmill and it was one of those rare times when it was just easy and felt like I could run forever! I would have kept running but it was a school night and had to get the girls home and ready to go to bed. But I was so happy to finally have a good treadmill run after my last few have not gone so well.

This week's training schedule:
Monday: 4 miles (done!)
Tuesday: cross-train (done!)
Wednesday: 4 miles (need to make-up)
Thursday: speed-training: hills (4-6 miles)
Friday: rest (have personal training session scheduled)
Saturday: 9 miles
Sunday: cross-train (maybe try hot yoga?)

Overall, I'm in the best running shape I've ever been in. I feel strong and starting to feel like a "real runner" if that makes any sense?

Music - I have two new songs that I'm really enjoying running to:
(1) F*&K You by Cee Lo Green (there's also a clean version Forget You available)
(2) Animal by Neon Trees (this song rocks!)

That's it for this week. The Davis Stampede half marathon is a week from this Sunday!

Happy Running,


  1. Oh it makes me cranky to miss my workout too!

    And, guess what? We're sole sisters! Just breakin' in my pink babies now!

  2. LOL I have the pink one's as well! They were very comfortable.

  3. Just ran in the shoes yesterday for the first time and they were comfy! I definitely wore out my other shoes past their expiration date.

  4. LOVE the pink Sauconys!!! :0)

  5. I love that Cee Lo song - but I just have the Glee version with Gwyneth singing it. It is so fun and cute!

    LOVE the pink in your shoes!!


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