Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Suzanne: Back in Training Mode and My First 5k of 2011

Well, I’m officially back in training mode! A little tough to get back into the routine of running but it’s actually been going well. I expected it was going to be a little more difficult but I’ve been feeling good and have been able to build up my mileage faster than planned. I’m attributing this success to the shape I’m in from personal training and other non-running workouts.

This Sunday I will run in the My First 5k Race, which will be my actual first 5k (I’ve only run in a 10k and two half marathons to this point) and my first race of 2011! I’m excited and a little nervous as I know a lot of people run fast in 5ks. I’ve been working on speeding up my pace – easy to do with my new Garmin – but my worst nightmare is to go all out and then die before the end of the race.

Speaking of the Garmin – I absolutely LOVE it! So easy to use and really a “must have” for any runner (don’t know why it took me so long to get one). I love how easy it is to upload my running data so I can keep track of all that information.

After the race this Sunday, I’ll post a race recap and hopefully some pictures. I’m just hoping it won’t rain, but I survived the rain (which never stopped) at Disneyland last week so I’m pretty sure I’ll survive whatever happens.

As far as training for this week, I’m focusing on two things: (1) speeding up my mile pace for the 5k and (2) continuing to build up my mileage base for my half marathon training. Need to build up to 6 miles (for long run) for Fleet Feet’s half marathon training groups officially starts on 1/8 at 6:30 am.

Races update – added the Davis Stampede half marathon on February 6th to the race calendar. The half marathon training group will be up to 10 miles before that race, which is what I’ve usually done in the past, so I’m adding the half marathon as a warm up to the Shamrock Half in March.

Hope everyone had a wonderful holidays and here’s to a healthy and wonderful 2011!

Happy Running,


  1. Good luck! I need to get off of my butt. :)

    Have fun.

  2. You can do it - I just started running not too long ago and feel much better (and I needed it with all the bad eating I've done this last week alone). But you have that lovely weather to deal with during the winter...although it's been raining like crazy here..I know it's nothing compared to what you get. :-) Happy new year!

  3. Have a great first 5K! I've done tons of them by now, so I'm looking forward to seeing how my upcoming 1/2 marathon differs. It will be nice to not feel like I have to go all out at the start or risk coming in last place! I bet you'll love it. They are so fun and fast!

  4. Thanks for the motivation! I'll look for you this Sunday and definitely see you on 1/8 at 6:30am!

  5. @FF - Congrats on having a great running year..just read your recap. We'll see how the 5k goes. :-)
    @Sheri - see ya Sunday and looking forward to training. Looks like no rain as of today.


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