Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Suzanne's Early "Running" Christmas Present: A Garmin Watch!

Oh yeah baby, Christmas came early! I'm at Costco doing my shopping and I just happen to notice a Garmin Forerunner 405 CX. Let's just say the price was one that I couldn't resist (we all know how expensive Garmin's are) and I snapped one up. Isn't it pretty? Ha!

To try out my new toy, I actually ran in the rain! That was a first and it was only a light drizzle. The watch is awesome - it tells you your pace, how far you've run and your time. You even can program it so you're running against a time and it will show if you're behind or ahead. And it all can be uploaded wirelessly so you can continue to track your miles and times. Can you say awesome?

This week marked the official start of my training. Three weeks until My First 5k Race. And four weeks until the training begins for the Shamrock half marathon. I have to build my base up to 6 miles by then which shouldn't be a problem.

It's been a struggle to get back into "running mode" but I have to admit I missed it. While I've been doing different types of workouts it still feels great to just get out there and run...and let my mind go free. Running really helps me de-clutter my mind, organize my thoughts and just think through whatever is going on. As many working moms can attest - we have way too much in our heads at any given moment, so I'm happy to be training again.

Wishing everyone a wonderful holidays - is anyone doing any Christmas/Holiday runs? Good luck if you are!

Happy Running,


  1. I love love love my Garmin and feel lost without it. Enjoy it, congrats on the purchase!

  2. I'm running "My First 5k" too! Are you going to train Shamrock with Fleet Feet?

  3. @DisneygirlinNJ -thanks! I'm having fun learning all I can do with it.

    @Sheri - yes and yes! I've never trained with a group before and figured I'd give it a try and see what happens. Are you doing the training too?

  4. Yes, I'm going to sign up! I'll be running it in intervals. I love training with a group! I'm so glad I'll see you there!

  5. That's a nice looking Garmin ... you're going to LOVE it! And then when you're shopping in a store sometime you'll hear a little beep and look down because you thought it had to have come from your wrist - only it didn't because you weren't actually wearing your Garmin to go Christmas shopping.

    Okay - so that happened to me last night. I bet it will happen to you sometime, too!


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