Saturday, August 7, 2010

Suzanne’s Next Half Marathon Adventure

It’s been almost 2 weeks since I completed my first half marathon! I’m still pumped that I was able to successfully complete it, despite those darn San Francisco hills! I expected to be in a little more pain afterwards, but surprisingly I felt pretty good. Yes, I was a little sore but nothing more than I usually felt after my long runs.

Originally the plan was to take it easy but for some reason – my competitiveness I suspect – I really want to run a half marathon completely healthy and see what I can do. And, as you all know, I want to run a FLAT one this time.

So, after doing some research I’ve decided that my next half marathon adventure will be the Urban Cow Half Marathon in Sacramento on Sunday, October 3rd. A little earlier than I probably would have liked but I have 8 weeks to prepare. Oh, did I mention it’s FLAT….and all finishers receive a cowbell.

This time I will be following Hal Higdin’s half marathon training schedule. My training schedule this week is: 4 miles/2 miles or xtraining/4 miles/40 minutes of xtraining/6 miles.

Enjoyed my vacation last week, including my long walks (5.3 miles was our longest) with my Dad and husband that actually included hills if you can believe it.

Looking forward to continuing my running adventures and will keep you updated on my training.

Happy Running,


  1. I think that would be a fun half marathon! Your fitness level is already up there. You aren't starting over with a half marathon plan, are you? You should take advantage of where you are and keep those long runs longer than 6 miles. The longer your runs are, the more your endurance and the better you will do in the half!

    Good luck!

  2. Lisa - No, I am not starting over...I'm picking up on Hal's at week 5 and I am upping the mileage. I'm hoping I'll be able to run more than 13 miles during training so I can up my endurance and be in great shape for the half. Ran my first 3 miles yesterday since the half marathon and felt OK. I've continued to work out since the half but haven't run until yesterday. Thanks for the suggestions and your support!


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