Monday, July 25, 2011

Suzanne: 1st Anniversy of Running 1st Half Marathon

So sorry that I haven't posted in awhile! All I can say is that life has been busy. Between school ending for the girls, summer schedules starting, vacations and life...I've let my blogging slip. My bad!

The anniversary of my first half marathon is coming up this weekend,
when I completed the SF half marathon.

Thought I'd recap what I've accomplished since then:
- Including the SF half, I've completed 8 races: 7 half marathons and a 10-k
- 3 more half marathons are on the 2011 calendar, which will bring my 2011 total up to 9 half marathons for the year
- To date, 515 miles ran in 2011. I'm not sure what was total was in 2010 but it was not that high!
- Improved my half PR by 30 minutes
- Completed 2 Fleet Feet half marathon trainings and now on my third

I've very proud of my running accomplishments in the past year and am so grateful that I'm a runner (sometimes I still don't feel like I'm a "runner" but that's another blog posting). Running has really helped me in so many ways. It's my stress reliever - however that doesn't mean that it doesn't stress me out sometimes to get my runs in - and has helped me mentally and physically. I feel good when I'm running and I enjoy training/planning for upcoming races and trying to improve my times/fitness level/speed. This blog has also allowed me to document my first year of running and I appreciate all the support, inspiration and encouragement you all have given me.

The original plan was to document Jenn and my marathon training (which for me turned into a half marathon due to injury) and our blogging has continued for over a year. Honestly, I feel like at this point I'm more in "maintenance mode" now and there's not a lot of interesting things/firsts to share with you all, so I'm going to think about it for awhile to see if I can continue to blog and let you know. It's been a great experience and in a way my personal running journal, but to do it right I need to regularly post. So, we'll see.

Quick recap on running:
(1) Recently completed the 10k Davis race with Judy. Originally the plan was to run the half as a training run but last minute - meaning during the first few miles of the race - we changed to the 10k. Very smart decision but bad news was we didn't get the glow in the dark medals (only half marathoners received them) and the course ended up being 12.2 miles (why does that never happen to me except when I don't run it?). Was very pleased that I was able to complete the 10k in under an hour...a first for me and I'll continue to try to break that PR going forward. It also reminded me that there are other distances than 13.1 miles. I really enjoyed racing the 10k and will definitely add more to my schedule in the future.

(2) Nike Women's Marathon training is underway at Fleet Feet (I'm running the 1/2). It's a longer training schedule so starts with lower mileage with our long runs are at 6 miles now. I'm psyched to get to run this race and looking forward to race weekend with Judy and Morgan!

Running is going well. Really trying to focus on running faster and doing hill/speed work. For me, it's been good to have goals to work towards.

Happy Running,


  1. Ooh - is the Nike one the race where you get the Tiffany necklace? I'm still stuck on glow in the dark medal. I've never heard of such a thing!

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