Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Suzanne is Half Fanatic #1138!

Submitted to the Half Fanatics after my last race and found out yesterday that I qualified!

I qualified for the Neptune level since I had run 3 half marathons in the last 37 days. Crazy because the Neptune level is the first level and it gets increasing more difficult as you move up. I can't even imagine those that qualify for the higher!

In any case, I'm pretty psyched and happy to be part of the Half Fanatics as I've always wanted to qualify since I heard about the group. Who knew when I started training for my first half marathon last year that I'd end up running so many halfs? Crazy!

Happy Running,


  1. Hip hip hooray!!

    I ran 3 in 66 days, so a fellow Fanatic tells me I qualify now. I haven't applied or anything. I'm trying to convince myself it is worth the money. I really want to get that shirt though!

    Do you read Becka's blog? (50 1/2 Marathons in 50 States). She just qualified for sun level? I may have worded that wrong. Either way, I'm not sure I'll ever move up a level if I do get accepted!

  2. Yeah for you! Yes, as long as you do 3 in 90 days (which you beat handily) you qualify for Neptune. I want the shirt too but they are currently out of my size so I have to wait. :-) Congrats again..we've both come so far!

  3. Yep, I'd say we are doing a great job of kicking some running ass this year!

  4. I'm not sure which is the correct word; fanatic or crazy! :)

    Either way, good job. If I don't die, Jenn has both of us scheduled for 2 half marathons in 45 days. Is there a level for that? Wannabe, or something? :)

  5. @Mike - I agree with you...I think it's more crazy! Good luck on your upcoming halfs..look forward to hearing about it.

    Below is the link to the criteria...If you do 3 in 90 days or 2 in 16 days you qualify for the Neptune level. :-)


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