Monday, April 11, 2011

Suzanne: Three Weeks Until Parkway Half

Three weeks to go! Wow...seems like it's coming up fast. These next two weeks I need to really make sure I continue to get my miles in and increase my long runs. The goal is to try to run 11-12 miles this weekend so I almost get a 13 miler in two weeks before the big day.

On Saturday our group ran 9 miles. We did the same course as last week with lots of hill and while it certainly wasn't easy it was a much better run for me. Felt good and pretty strong throughout. The plan was to possibly extend the run to 10 miles but I had the pain again on the right side of my knee (I think IT band related)at the exact same spot - 7 mile mark - as last week, so I didn't want to aggravate it any further. I was able to run through it to finish and the pain was not as bad as last week. It's a little concerning but I'm trying not to freak out about it. When I got home I iced it and had no further pain the rest of the day walking around. When running flat routes, I don't experience this at all so I'm not sure if the hills play any factor?

Here's my training schedule this week:
Monday 5 miles
Tuesday 4-6 miles speed training (warm-up, 6x-400m, cool-down)
Wednesday cross training
Thursday 4-5 miles
Friday rest or maybe hot yoga if I'm feeling up to it
Saturday 10-12 miles (training group is scheduled to run 9 miles again)
Sunday hot yoga

Congrats to Jenn on running and finishing the Shamrock 8k on Sunday! She promises a race recap soon.

Next week will be interesting to schedule my running as we'll be on spring break. My plan is to try to get as much in before we leave and just "plan" the rest and stick to it. Hopefully it will all work out.

Happy Running,


  1. So we both have a big race on the same day again! That's my next half - and I'm trying to figure out how I will proceed with training for it since I just finished my last half a little over 24 hours ago!

    Your schedule is exhausting to me. I wish I could be like that and just go go go!!!

  2. @FF - Congrats on your PR..I just read your race recap! You should be in great shape for you next race...think of how great you may run when you're feeling good and have music on your ipod! :-)


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