Sunday, March 6, 2011

Suzanne: It's Shamrock Half Marathon Time, Baby!

One week until the Shamrock half marathon! Woo hoo!

On Saturday, we ran our last long run of 9 miles. My first non-double digit run in over 5 weeks. Even though I didn't really feel up to running, Judy and I talked the entire time and got through it just fine. Running buddies make such a difference!

After the run, I decided to take a dip in my pool as my "ice bath."
This was a first but I wanted to try it as my body was a little beat up. I put my ankles in first - I had done this a lot in high school and college for basketball so that wasn't too bad. But then decided to just go in and sit. Let's just say I couldn't say what I really wanted to because my two girls were watching me. So instead I hugged my towel as hard as I could as my body was submerged from my hips down in 53 degree water. The first 5 minutes were the worst but I managed to stay in there for 24 minutes.

Felt much better afterwards, although walking after getting out was a challenge - felt like a robot. My right hip has been a little tight so I will continue to ice, stretch and use the foam roller. No pain, just a little tender.

This week training was good. For speed training, Judy and I did a little over 7 miles and ran hard. We were supposed to run 1 miles (2x) faster than our normal mile speed. Let's just say we did it pretty fast but I really surprised myself that I could run those times. Thanks to Judy because I never would have gone that fast on my own - I was just trying to stay near her. :-)

I'm also on the lookout this week as twice this week I've almost been taken out two times...once by a little dog who decided to jump right in front of me while I was running and the second time by a 15 pound weight sitting in the middle of my brother's floor that my big toe ran right into. So now I'm paranoid that I'm going to do something stupid like that and not be able to run! I will also try to enjoy tapering off this week.

Here is this week's training schedule:
Monday 4 miles
Tuesday 3-5 miles (speed training)
Wednesday trainer workout
Thursday 3 miles
Friday rest
Saturday rest (maybe hot yoga?)and pick up race packet
Sunday 13.1 miles!!!

As for what's next...I will see how I feel and make a last minute decision whether I will run the Oakland Running Festival Half Marathon on March 27th. This qualifies for the 2011 Nor-Cal Half Marathon Series I'm participating in (you have to run 4 half marathons they offer). I felt good two weeks after the Davis half marathon so as long as I experience the same, I'll plan on running this at the end of the month. Will keep you updated and will post a race recap next Sunday!

Happy Running,

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  1. Just before my half marathon I kept doing silly things - like tripping or stubbing my toe - and I was just sure I was going to mess up the race. But it all ended up fine - and so will yours! :)

    Good luck - and have tons of fun!!


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