Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Suzanne's Blog: On Target, A Beautiful Sunset & I'm Ready to Run!

11 more days to go until the Urban Cow Half Marathon! I’m feeling really good right now about my training and preparations and I’m way ahead of where I was before I completed my first half marathon in July (unfortunately I had a hip injury during that training which impacted my training).

Last Sunday I didn’t think I was going to be able to get my long run in. I had almost given up then I decided that I just needed to get out the door and get going. To my surprise, I ended up having a terrific 9 mile run. I’ve never run in the evening (usually do not have the opportunity to with two kids) and I have to say that it was great. The weather was nice and cool (for here) and for some reason I caught my second wind right at the 7 mile mark and ran my fastest mile time the last 2 miles. Go figure! I also got to watch the sunset which was pretty beautiful and a good distraction. I was pretty psyched afterwards because it was definitely my best long run to date! Hopefully my 10 miles this weekend will go as well?! A girl can wish.

This week the plan is 2 - 5 mile runs and a 60 minute cross training session, in addition to my 10 mile long run this weekend. Wish me luck!

Next week’s schedule is easy: 4 miles, 30 minutes cross training and 2 miles before the big race on Sunday of 13.1 miles! Everything is all set as I made my hotel reservations and printed out the directions and information for packet pick-up. Very excited for my second half marathon adventure!

Also going to work on finalizing my playlist. Thanks Fruit Fly for the Cyndi Lauper suggestions – you’re right she definitely puts an extra step in your run when you listen to her! Did you like the Flo Rida song?

I’m also starting to research and plan my future races. It’s definitely been motivating to have races to look forward and it keeps me running so I don’t slack off too much. I’ll keep you updated on what races I decide to do. If I make it to Chicago for Thanksgiving I may end up running the Turkey Trot with Jenn – that would be fun!

Happy Running,

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  1. I DID like the Flo Rida song! I think I'm going to have to download it and add it to my list. Its nice a fast, sure to keep my feet moving!


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