Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Why I Love and Hate to Run!

Okay, this should be fun and we definitely need participation from all of you. Below I’m listing reasons why I both LOVE and HATE to run. Please add your suggestions to those listed below in the comments section. Jenn will add in as well.

Why I LOVE to Run
1. I always feel better after I’m done running no matter how tired I may be before starting a run
2. Being able to just think through whatever is going on in my life while on a run. To think in silence is huge for me as a working mom as I don’t get many opportunities to do that.
3.There is nothing better then when you get that “runners high” and you feel like you can run forever
4.It’s a major stress reliever
5.Running makes me feel better about myself
6.When I’m running consistently, I really enjoy it - especially the mental toughness and competitiveness of it all
7.While I have only run one competitive race so far, that race was the most fun I’ve had exercising since playing basketball in college
8.Running (and exercising in general) sets a good example for my girls.
9.The benefits of running makes me a better person because I feel good, have more patience, less stress and more.
10.Playlists – I love music so I enjoy putting together lists that will keep me going during a run
11. When you run a personal's an awesome feeling!
12. Eating pizza guilt-free after a long run (thanks for the reminder on this one!)

Why I HATE to Run
1. The first mile always sucks no matter how great of shape you are in
2. It’s HARD work – physically and mentally
3. It’s a mental fight to even start a run and then to keep going
4. Whenever you think you’ve got it down and it’s getting easier….a run kicks your ass
5. When I want to run outside, it sometimes can be a major challenge to fit it in with work and family schedules. And when it's really hot outside!
6. It really sucks to get injured – I should know!

In making these lists I found out that I really do love running. There are just some days when it kicks my butt. But I suppose that’s the allure of it all and why I keep doing it.

Looking forward to hearing what all your reasons are for why you run!

SF Marathon Here I Come,


  1. I agree with everything on your lists!

  2. Agree with all of the above, Suzanne. One more to that after you do a long run, you can eat that pizza without feeling guilty! :)

  3. Yes, the eating pizza guilt-free after a long run is definitely one to add to the LOVE list! I'm going to add it. Thanks!

  4. I made myself go to the gym after reading this yesterday. I think I came close to the runner's high, but I might have passed out. I'm not sure. :)

    When I run at the gym I like watching the guys play basketball in the court below. They all think they should be in the NBA, so it's fun to watch them miss six-footers with nobody guarding them. It's kind of mean, but anything to get me through running on a 1/9th mile track is fine by me..


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